Tattoos and Life Alert????


What have I been up to???

Not a whole lot…. as usual. I did however get my Life Watch heart monitor in the mail Tuesday. I have to wear this stupid thing for 30 days to see if I have an arrhythmia. Hopefully I don’t and it’s just POTS, but nothing in my life ever seems to go easy…. At least my weekend was a little better!

I spent Saturday sitting for 2 solid hours covering up the ‘first bad decision’ I made the minute I turned 18. You see…. Like a lot of kids out there, I had the thought all of us get the second we ‘turn legal’. I was doing something bad ass . Something that my parents never would have let me do while still needing their permission. A light bulb went off in my head right then! I needed to get a tattoo! Yes! I was doing it! There was no way they could stop me now! The same week I turned 18, I went with a friend and had it priced. Of course, it was my first one and I had no clue how much it was going to hurt. So I played it safe (but if you have tattoos, or are a tattoo artist you know the foot is one of the most PAINFUL places to get one) and went with the foot. I could cover it up for work and nobody had to know about it unless I wasn’t wearing shoes. I decided to get 5 little stars. Girly right? Yeah, I know. Why you ask? I don’t know, but I’ve always had this fascination with them… so I guess that’s why. Anyway…. I loved my tattoo! I was the only one of my friends that had one! It was awesome! Awesome for maybe 3 years…. I had to have it touched up so many times it started to fade into this solid black caterpillar looking thing. I even had someone ask me why I had a caterpillar on my foot!!!! My reaction was always ‘UGH! IT’S NOT A DAMN CATERPILLAR! THEY’RE STARS! STARS PEOPLE! WHY CAN’T YOU SEE THIS????’  **Insert dramatic hand gestures and eye rolling** Well after about 3 years of bitching and moaning about it I finally got it covered. With what? A peacock feather. Yes, the girl who does my tattoo’s hand drew this with a pen. She’s awesome. It’s not finished just yet. Still need the color added… the point is, I sat for a solid 2 hours without a break. When she was all done, she looked at me and said “You took that like a man.” Fuck yeah! I have balls to get my feet tattooed… Which I have both done BTW.

I had several people ask why I chose a peacock feather. I know they’re pretty popular because they’re ‘cute, girly, feminine,’ etc. No. That’s not why I got mine…. My sister has always described me as a cross between a Magpie and a Peacock to others. Look it up. You’ll be able to figure out my personality pretty quickly. While I happened to be browsing pictures on Google, I came across this quote from someone.

“On one hand, the peacock is this beautiful bird, with connections to the divine. On the other, the peacock can be a terribly, terribly obnoxious bird. They emit horrible screeches and can be awfully aggressive…. A perfect symbol of humanity itself.”

So this picture shows the covering of my first stage of rebellion. I went on 6 months later to shove a needle through my cheek to piss off a guy…. yeah. I know. I was one of those girls, but piercings could be an entirely different post ( I have 15).

Tattoo #1 Original in the corner…. Tattoo1

Of course, they all say once you get one, you’re addicted…..

Tattoo #2 On the bottom is the original… I had it added to back in June. One of my best friends has the large music note on her back….. yes, we’re still friends and I like both the before and after of this one. This one hurt…. both times around…. a lot. I have a very strong connection with music and literally can’t function without it. Take it away from me and I would probably die.


Tattoo #3 A Breast Cancer ribbon and two flowers for my mom. I originally got it the same year she was first diagnosed. I’ll never regret this one…. My foot BLEW THE FUCK UP when I got this one. The crazy chick who did it had a very heavy and. I couldn’t walk for like, 2 days.


Tattoo #4 My butterflies for my mom who pass as well as my Nona. At my grandmother’s funeral a butterfly came and sat on a family members finger until it was over then flew away. My grandparents always had monarch butterflies at their house when we were little…. then we started seeing them in the strangest places for unexplained reasons. Everyone in my family started to say she was a butterfly. The day of my mom’s funeral my cousins and I were all hanging out together just doing random stuff when 3 white butterflies started hanging around. My great grandmother passed away a year ago…. 1 butterfly for each of them…. Then back in June, 2 months after my mom passed, something happened to my family. My dad and I had to go to court and face this jerk…. There were 3 Large black and yellow butterflies hovering around the bottom of our driveway. The strange thing was that my sister had left once before us that morning and saw them. They were still there when she left later for work long after we were gone…. weird huh? A few weeks after my mom passed I decided to go and get butterflies. I was originally going to get strictly monarchs but I let it up to my artist on the condition that there was at least one. I’ll never regret these beauties either. I like to think of them as a good luck charm I take with me everywhere 🙂


That brings me to Tattoo #5 I have a cross tattooed on the inside of my left wrist. I never was one to be comfortable in a church. I always felt people just stared at me… like they were judging me for reasons I didn’t know about. Well anyway…. I’ve been through a lot and I’ve discovered other things…. It’s just something that gives me a little bit of comfort. I don’t care if it offends someone. To each his own.


I have at least 2 more that I want. My cousins and I are very close, a lot closer than most, and we’re planning out matching ones. I’m still tossing up the idea of getting some old school roses tattooed on the side of my upper thigh…. Not many people know this, but when I was younger I was the type of person that SWORE I’d NEVER get a tattoo in my life….. Well now I have 5 and I love every single one of them!

Sunday was my dad’s 59th birthday. But if you ask me, he was 595 thanks to the entire bottle of wine I drank myself before dinner…. keep in mind, my sister still trusted me to grill steak in my drunken state… I still have all of my my hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes thank you very much! Oh, and I didn’t burn my dad’s birthday steaks! Anyway… this is our conversation that transpired while we were getting ready to eat cake….

Erin: So we didn’t exactly have enough candles for your cake.
Me: We’re out now, but we put 5 here and 9 over there and you get 5 more to grow on. So that makes you…. 500 and 9,5? How do I say that?
Dad: 595?
Dad: Because you’ve been drinking all day.

I also broke 2, yes 2, vacuum cleaners that day.

He’s so proud of me.




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