And now it’s time for your Weekend Update…..




I basically became a mermaid on Saturday. 




Mermaid3Anyone that knows me knows that if I had the opportunity to quit my boring ass job to become a mermaid….


I’d be the coolest mermaid, like ever.

How many mermaids do you know that have tattoos?



I’ll change that.

So while I had fun in the sun pretending to be The Little Mermaid, it wasn’t all quite fun and games. You see, my friend’s two year old isn’t that big a fan of water…. So I decided to casually walk her in a little at a time to get her used to it. Awesome idea right?


She hated the water…. but her mom made sure to snap a pic of me attempting to take her in. This is how it turned out.


I look like a giant walking off with this teeny tiny little innocent child.

And my ass is super flat as you can all see.

I’m a giant with a flat ass who got to play mermaid with 4 rambunctious children.

All in all, it was a pretty good day.





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