I Got 99 Problems…


…And A Bitch Ain’t One.

Sorry, no. I’m not Jay-Z. I wish I was…. or Beyoncé because, well, she’s Beyoncé! 

I’ve just come to the realization that my life has come down to a series of labels. I’m either This, That, or The Other Thing…. or I have This but not That, but maybe I have that…. yeah I DO have that…. No, no I don’t. I need to block WebMD. But really…. I sat and thought about it…..

I’ve got a syndrome and 3 disorders, but I bet you can’t even guess one! ….. Hahah…hahaha… ha…ha? 

Ok, it sounded funnier in my head…. looks like it’s time for bed. Shit, I need to stop…. but I can’t stop, and I won’t stop….

No, I’m stopping. I just drew the line myself. Thank you bad Miley Cyrus joke. 

xoxo – L.




One thought on “I Got 99 Problems…

  1. hockeylady89

    The fact that you just ended that post with a Miley reference….haha. As far as the 99 problems well you got me didn’t you. hehe


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